pvnA group serving its customers and the regions it works in

For 25 years, our Group has grown and contributed to the economic strength of our home territory: Western France and Europe.

We have managed to combine dynamism, strong growth, constant improvement of our consultants' skills and experience, responsiveness and focused adaptation to the demands and needs of innovative stakeholders.
We have tried to use our passion and our values to serve our customers and our profession.

We have also managed to grow in highly specific niche markets: technologies that are changing our world (telecommunications, health, the food industry, etc.), and rare legal expert assessments (knowledge protection, industrial property and competition law, patent pools, optimized strategic and fiscal management for international patent and trademark portfolios, pan-European legal strategies, support for initial stock market listings, etc.).

At the same time, we have invested strongly in Asia in the past 20 years. Initially dedicated to the fight against counterfeiting locally, progressively our teams in China and Thailand have greatly expanded their skills. Backed up by an in-depth understanding of the intellectual property landscape and stakeholders in the Far East, our

Group now provides services for setting up and providing support for win-win partnerships between these two regions of the world.

A global actor for global customers, we never forget the fertile land we came from and which nurtured us to become what we are today.

Our future lies in serving our home region and its development. This entails openness and adaptation to the needs of the world in the 21st century. This will come through partnership with the most dynamic – and neediest – regions of the world, in accordance with ethical and deontological values that uplift Humankind and human communities.