AmSIPOong different measures aiming at reducing the burden of administrative costs for companies, Prime Minister Li Keqiang announced on the 4th of April 2018 the cancellation of patent issuance fee.


This measure favourable to applicants will be effective on August the 1st, 2018.

The implementation rules of this measure have not been communicated yet by the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO).

From 2015 to 2016 the number of invention patents granted soared by 12.5%. Cancellation of patent issuance fees is likely to continue to fuel this growth, and allow China to maintain its worldwide position of leader in terms of patents granted yearly.

It is at the initiative of China that the ambitious project of the New Silk Roads ("One Belt One Road" (OBOR), renamed "Belt and Road Initiative" (BRI)) is born in 2013 and aims to connect Asia, Europe and Africa via land and sea routes. This project aims to support China's economic development by ensuring its better supply of raw materials and by securing its maritime trade routes, some of which are currently suffering from acts of piracy.

This gigantic challenge unfolds over thirty years and should be finalized on the occasion of the Centenary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2049. It requires the cooperation of more than sixty countries located along the roads to be developed. China has already received official support from Russia and announced on March 11 the signature of 16 free trade agreements with countries and provinces directly concerned by the BRI. Negotiations are continuing with the European Union and the United Kingdom in particular.

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With more than 5 million trademark filings in 2017, China is now ranked - and by far – world’s leading business attractive place. How to anticipate traffic congestion?

While the Chinese trademark system offers relevant opportunities and China market access requires trademarks, in that context, some under-prepared foreign companies may be demotivated when confronting local specific features.

A look back on 30 years of trademark system in the Middle Kingdom…

Trademark filings in China have been skyrocketing for decades. Long gone are the days when some 26,000 applications were filed in the early 1980’s. The Chinese Trademark Office recorded over 5 million filings in 2017, which places China in the lead as regards countries designated by trademarks. As a rough order of magnitude, this represents 30 times the number of applications targeting the European Union!

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Soazig THEMOIN, partner of VIDON IP Law Group, European and French IP Attorney, will speak at the next Open Bretagne Chine Edition 2018 on April 19, in Rennes. This new edition of the event opens a forum for the exchanges on the theme of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative formerly called OBOR (One Belt, One Road)).

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Soazig THEMOIN, Partner of the VIDON Group, assisted by Mathilde Tachon representing our Bangkok office, presented with the AFPI, the Grenoble CRJ and the Business Law Center of Aix Marseille University the point of view of the owners and Attorneys facing the stakes of protection of the AI's creations and inventions.



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