For an IP strategy to be efficient, personnel must have IP knowledge and master its concepts, objectives and procedures.

VIDON-offres-services-solutions-FORMATION-SENSIBILISATION 01The VIDON Group supports its Clients by providing its customized "Innojuris" service for them.

By getting training for themselves and their personnel, our Clients acquire the foundations of our knowledge, increase their self-reliance and upgrade their procedures and strategies to protect and maximize the value of their IP assets.

On a daily basis, our experts and employees guide and train IP players in companies and laboratories, either directly or via various training institutes.

The Group has thus designed specific, customizable training services, which can be tailored to the needs of its Clients, their operating modes and competitive environments. In keeping with its values, the VIDON Group has developed an extremely wide range of courses over the years, which are available to you and can be adapted to suit your needs and projects.

Formalizing your methods and procedures

With you, the VIDON Group's consultants establish your IP training priorities and help you formalize your methods and procedures through internal factsheets, learning aids, practical information sheets or memos.

Courses on the practical and strategic aspects of Industrial Property

Our consultants are frequently called upon for company conferences, national and international forums, training institute courses, etc. The VIDON Group thus makes its experience available to its clients, to train their staff in the practical and strategic aspects of the management and optimization of IP in-house. For example, the VIDON Group offers courses in contract writing, technology watch, the preparation of an invention disclosure prior to its filing, maximizing the value of a portfolio, etc.

Training on general strategic aspects or specific IP issues

The VIDON Group offers courses on more general and more strategic IP aspects as well, such as the management of an innovative project for mixed teams (Legal/Marketing/Technical) for example.
In addition, the VIDON Group offers its clients its practical skills in specific fields (patentability criteria, patentability of software or living organisms, designs and models, copyright in fashion design, etc.).

Our experts pass on their wide experience, gained through numerous courses given for various training institutes (IEEPI, FORUM, etc.), higher education establishments (Law Schools, Engineering Schools, etc.), high-tech centers (Rennes, Nantes, etc.), regional or industry training centers (CFI, etc.), Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc.

We often extend our training services with the set-up of ad-hoc committees within the company or laboratory and, if required, their facilitation on a regular basis.