VIDON-offres-services-solutions-DIAGNOSTIC-X2 01As we are convinced that an IP Audit provides channels for optimization, and given the realities of increased competition, especially in Asia, the ViDON Group has used its international expertise to develop a specific service:
The Vulnerability Diagnosis.

After analyzing your key challenges in terms of intellectual property (protection, valuation, transfer) for a given geographical area, the ViDON Group can propose a strategy adapted to your company, no matter whether you are seeking to enter into a market or to develop your projects or new partnerships.

The service usually includes three aspects:

Intellectual property audit

Identification and analysis of the intellectual property challenges facing your company or your project (phase I - audit), typically:

  •  technologies and know-how (whether protected or not);
  • creations, designs, and trademark policies;
  • diagnosis of the organization and contracts.

Local environment analysis

Study and characterization of the local environment (legal, administrative and competitive) and your project's positioning in this environment (phase II - benchmarking):

  • applicable legislation and regulations;
  • "patent and/or trademark mapping": patents, trademarks and IP strategies of the main competitors;
  • relevant practices and precedents (leaders and pirates) in your business sector.

Propositions for action

Proposals for strategy and action, using the scenarios method (phase III - strategy):

  • roadmap for IP support during the project (chronology and timing of monitoring actions): protections, partnerships and fight against counterfeiting;
  • checklist of recommended actions (nature, objective, costs);
  • recommendations in terms of organization (monitoring, contracts, registers, deposits, etc.).

Each aspect gives rise to a specific report which must be approved by the customer before moving on to the next aspect. The three reports for the audit, benchmarking and strategy aspects are made up of graphic summaries that are immediately understandable and give references to detailed analytical appendixes.