Patent mapping involves collecting, analysing and visualizing considerable information related to patent information on a given territory, technology, domain, competitor...

Our service of Patent Mapping is dedicated to economic intelligence professionals, for analysing and determining the strategic management of – or in relation to - given areas.

No matter what the targeted geographic areas, the objective is to collect, process and spread complex information on patent applications in a specific field. Our goal is first to help our clients to determine the best strategic and competitive positioning by identifying all the parameters relevant to a targeted market such as competitors or the, technological and legal environment. Such information is of high importance when adjusting an intellectual property policy. Vidon IP Law Group is also very concerned by the way the information is transmitted to its clients.

Our service Patent Mapping is frequently integrated to global offers of definition and accompanying market approach operation and/or local investments, according to a methodology derived from our "IP vulnerability diagnostic". Such offers are particularly important when identifying a competitive or partnership environment.


One of the major parameters of this service is patent mapping. This step consists in providing complex information related to patents and patent applications presented as a graph or a map, in order to aid the decision-making process. Other parameters can be technical, strategic, trade analysis by products, countries...

The results are displayed as synthetic graphs, easy to read and understand. This gives a general overview from which:

  • the key innovators of a marked geographic area are identified, as well as the innovation field and the IP strategy;
  •  further investigation may be conducted on these key innovators,
  • positioning, approach, cooperation, as well as frontal or avoidance, schemes can be derived.

The development and economic growth policy of our clients, as well as related IP policy, can now be based on a deep knowledge of the targeted market: application policy by country/ by technical field/ by trade secret. A continuous monitoring can also be set up.

Given the importance of its market size and its recent but strong innovation capacity, China and more generaly Far East, which is now the world' s top IP market, is one of the most studied area in our analysis.