PiVisu® is a service developed by the VIDON Group in close collaboration with its Clients to enable them to view their portfolios of Industrial Property rights online (list of their IP rights (patents & trademarks) and the key information concerning them (registration no., key dates, title, status, summary of major procedural events, etc.)).

From a simple computer connected to the Internet, you can access PiVisu® at any time through a high-security encrypted connection, and quickly obtain an accurate, comprehensive, downloadable listing of your Industrial Property rights (patents, trademarks, Internet domain names, designs and models), as well as the results of the trademark watch conducted on your behalf by the VIDON Group.

The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed through the systematic use of a personal dongle combined with login credentials restricting access via PiVisu® to each Client's data.

Updated on a regular basis, PiVisu® offers you access to comprehensive, up-to-date data which you can process directly.

The user-friendly interface of PiVisu® ensures you rapid, intuitive use.

Enabling you to customize your IP search criteria and the types of information included in your portfolios, both online and in downloadable Excel® format, PiVisu® is a versatile tool which adapts to your needs for fast, natural, use.

The possibility of saving your search criteria via PiVisu® makes your subsequent navigations quick and easy.

Direct transmission of your instructions (renewal, abandon, etc.) via PiVisu® offers you direct local contact with your attorney.

PiVisu®: a simple and efficient tool designed for you by the VIDON Group for quick access to your personalized summary of Industrial Property portfolios