VIDON Management and Consultants

  • IP lawyer
: qyang@vidon.com

Languages : FranceUnited-Kingdom

Practice Areas :

  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Copyright Law
  • Competition Law
  • New technology and Internet Law
  • Negotiation and drafting IP agreements (licenses, assignments...)
  • National and International IP Litigation
  • Audit

Biography :

Qian YANG assists, beside Soazig THEMOIN, our clients in their strategy of appropriation and defense of their trademarks in Asia and notably in China Mainland.

Qian and Soazig accompany our clients in the conquest and perpetuation of their investments in Mainland China. Specialized in rights protection, notably in transliteration and translation of trademarks into Chinese characters, Qian is used to work with our barristers and consultants in China.

Along with our Asian offices, Qian also accompany our Chinese right owners in their appropriation strategy and defence policy in Europe.