Because each of you are pioneers...
Our expertise is at the forefront of the intellectual property field

We work with large and small French and international companies operating in strategic and emerging markets. Our experience in Asia demonstrates our ambition to go beyond what is asked of us. By merging many points of view, we can provide you with solutions that will protect your activities, strengthen your rights and expand your potential for value, both here and around the world.

Because your ideas are unique...
Our corporate cultures are rooted in yours

Partners, attorneys, engineers... Our 110 staff have a long-standing passion for your business, because they have the same origins. With a wealth of experience forged close to economic, digital, telecommunications and industrial players, they understand your challenges and speak your language.

Because you entrust your future to us...
Our relationships are built on trust

Far from being a posture, our roots in Brittany anchor reliable and lasting relationships, where listening, frankness, sincerity and transparency are our best ambassadors. Through our commitment and attention to your needs, we are constantly striving to provide you with the highest possible level of satisfaction, with the enhancement of your IP as our top priority.

Because your challenges are multiple… Our talents are where you are

The presence at your side of dedicated, involved teams, experts in their field and present on the ground, is a sign of the quality of Vidon Group's support. We are organized to assist at all stages of your projects, in all areas of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, designs and models, copyright, Internet domain names, monitoring and surveillance, protection strategy, valuation and transfer, contractual support, financial evaluation, or negotiation and litigation management.

Because your markets know no boundaries...
We explore the possibilities to help you stand out from the crowd

Where some people see only obstacles and constraints, we prefer to turn them into freedom. Thanks to our ability to anticipate, backed up by technical and legal expertise and experience, we are original in our approach to building the most appropriate solutions and strategies. It is this uniqueness that underpins Groupe Vidon's reputation for excellence and responds to our clients' quest for differentiation.

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