Competitive intelligence & monitoring


Any intellectual property right gives its holder monopoly power.

The monitoring of these rights is thus an important stage in maximizing their value, in order to easily identify the avenues explored by competitors.

To assist its clients, the ViDON GROUP uses its monitoring tools and analytical capacity.

The competitive intelligence and monitoring strategies are generally of two types:

  • either periodic checks (e.g. monthly) carried out on applications filed by the holder’s main competitors (identified beforehand): this consists in competitive intelligence;
  • or periodic checks carried out on applications for rights similar to existing rights selected beforehand. This consists in:
    • trademark monitoring concerning a sign,
    • Internet domain name monitoring concerning a radical,
    • company name monitoring concerning names,
    • competitive intelligence concerning a technology (technology watch).

The ViDON Group helps its clients to deploy “customized monitoring” tools, sometimes in their own premises, and train their staff in the use of such tools.

The goal is to have the means to step into action quickly and efficiently to defend the IP rights monitored.