Litigation management


The holders of intellectual property rights or companies at the initiative of a commercial concept must be able to react when they discover that a competitor is getting close to their concept, or is simply copying it.

The VIDON Group helps its customers to implement ways of defending the monopoly arising from their intellectual property rights and/or defending an investment being pillaged by unfair practices.

In the context of defending your rights, we can provide you with legal support adapted to your situation and your business interests, combined with close monitoring of the budget items in question.

Indeed, there are many ways to fight against intellectual property rights infringements.

For this reason, the ViDON Group has developed expertise with the objective of providing its customers with support in making choices, helped by a systematic, objective methodology.

The VIDON Group’s methodology includes at least 4 keys for answering questions, notably:

  • a thorough analysis of the customer’s rights, and more generally of the assets in question, is compared with the reality of the expectations presented to the customer in the key preliminary phase.

Only this analysis (audit) can make it possible to estimate the chances of success and to orient choices on the means of action available.

Once this audit has been carried out, the ViDON Group’s most experienced consultants work with their customers to systematically appraise and assess the relevance of:

  • good management of evidence. This mainly includes:
    • making sure that the rights that the customer claims have priority and that there is proof of this;
    • implementing strategies for gathering evidence: infringement seizures, investigations (enquêtes – Lien avec la Fiche Enquête), proof of purchase, etc.
  • not neglecting the possibility of amicable settlement
    • give formal notice to the opposing party, and/or
    • managing negotiations firmly;
    • compromise if necessary.
  • while being ready to use the available channels of litigation
    • prepare and undertake legal action, notably determining the place of litigation and the relevant jurisdiction;
    • should a criminal proceedings be undertaken?
    • plan to make use of rapid administrative procedures in France (UDRP procedure, objections, etc.) and abroad;
    • request a customs intervention (Clic possible sur LUCTA);
    • etc.

The Vidon Group can help you in implementing an effective defense strategy, notably taking into account your objectives, your budget and the sensitivity of the cases you entrust us with.