Strategic support of IP strategy


Economic stakeholders (businesses, creators, architects, laboratories, researchers, etc.) develop their activities in operational terms and are often confronted with strong competition.

In this context, they can be highly creative, and one of the keys to success lies in their ability to stand out in their market.

Then comes the time to think about what protection to provide for a new concept or the latest innovation, so your strategy needs to be clearly defined. The ViDON Group provides its customers with its employees’ expertise, with both legal and technical training, in order to identify the best protection tools.

The VIDON Group thus accompanies its customers in their growth strategy by helping them with the construction of an effective monopoly at the end of a process developed with:

  • analysis of creations, innovations and concepts that are worth adopting;
  • analysis of the territories to be monopolized;
  • reconciliation with the budget realities of the customer’s projects;
  • selection of evidence (which may be enough, for example in the field of copyright
  • selection of possible IP rights filings
  • assessment of the ability to manage notions such as Secrecy or Confidentiality;
  • capacity for creation to be improved;
  • ability to develop internally (intra-group licenses) or toward third parties (partial transfer or license; cross licensing);
  • – etc.

following a timeline that must be controlled so as not to fall victim to poorly organized disclosure.

A protection strategy is all too often simply viewed from the sole angle of deposits, which is far too restrictive.

The ViDON Group is at its customers’ side to help them answer the questions that come up in the context of developing an intangible assets, including patents and trademarks, know-how and copyrights (or for drawings & models) that can seem complicated.

Our teams are waiting to meet all your needs.