Taya ® – protection of concepts


Behind success there is often an original concept that creates value for the company.

Far too often, businesspeople have heard the old adage “concepts are ideas and can’t be protected!” That is why the ViDON Group has developed a well-adapted service that is rich and original, designed to protect your concepts, whether in marketing, sales or any other area.

The ViDON Group uses its expertise to serve its customers and to provide their original commercial concepts with effective protection that is financially realistic in view of the financial valuation of an intangible asset.

In keeping with its values, the ViDON Group has, over time, developed an effective protection methodology that is available to you and can be adapted to your needs and your projects.

Your concepts will be protected and valuated in three phases:

A preliminary diagnosis

The first phase consists in taking an inventory of the possible assets comprising the concept.
At the end of this inventory, an audit is carried out to identify effective protection tools.

A methodology for protecting concepts

Our experts assist you in formalizing your concepts and know-how. The Group provides its customers with a wide range of protection tools for signs (trademarks, internet domain names and brands, for example), shapes, colors, innovations, etc. and develops a determined strategy for :

  • communication: display of your “owner” status is a key step in protection,
  • defense, also when this is of interest for financial valuation.

A methodology for Financial Valuation