Internet domain names


The growing use of the Internet, social networks, and new technologies in general has opened a new dimension in the protection of IP rights.

Irrespective of the business segment of a company, laboratory or individual, it is now essential to protect the chosen signs (company name, name of product lines, name of the service provided, etc.) by reserving Internet domain names at the same time as the filing of the trademark.

Beyond this preliminary stage, the VIDON Group helps its clients to build their protection strategy, safeguard their e-reputation (management of your Internet domain names & related elements (Twitter account, etc.), and also defend their rights on the Internet.

Reserving Internet domain names

As part of the preparation of its clients’ projects, the VIDON Group advises them at each stage, for example in the choice of Internet domain names.
Which extension should be chosen? Which generic extension (.com, .net, .biz, etc.)? A regional extension (.eu, .asia), or national extensions (.fr, .de, .th, .cn)?
What sign (radical) should be reserved?

Indeed, it is necessary to adapt one’s strategy according to one’s presence on the Net: certain companies use the Internet as a showcase, while others go into e-commerce, etc. Our experts adapt their recommendations to suit our clients’ immediate and future operating requirements.

Managing Internet domain names

Moreover, the VIDON Group has developed transparent and efficient tools to manage all administrative procedures including the reservation of domain names, their renewal, the handling of transfers, etc.

Defending our clients’ rights on the Internet

On the Internet, quick action is the key to effective protection.

For this reason, the VIDON Group also offers monitoring services, something which is too often forgotten by domain name holders. These services make it possible to rapidly detect any cybersquatting (cyberslamming, etc.) and thus limit the amount of damage that could be inflicted on our clients.

The VIDON Group has also built a strong reputation for defending its clients’ rights against offenses committed via the Internet. VIDON experts continuously examine the various possibilities in terms of legal proceedings and extra-judicial actions (complaints to the bodies specialized in domain names) in order to determine the most appropriate action in your best interest.