Pivalua ® – valuation & optimization


At different stages in a company’s life, it is essential to know the value of its Industrial Property rights, as well as the value of its intangible assets (know-how, “concepts”, copyrights).

To this effect, the VIDON Group offers its Clients a customized service it has called “PiValua”.

PiValua is a rich, original, well-established service which makes it possible to assess the financial value of an intangible asset.

Valuation is a key stage in the life of an IP right. Of course, it makes it possible to comply with IFRS requirements, but there are other advantages:

  • Once valued, an IP right can become a growth lever which will enable the company to raise funds,
  • Once valued, an IP right can be pledged and serve as a guarantee for a banker, for instance,
  • Once valued, an IP right can be transferred to industry,
  • etc.

The Group has thus designed a specific support service which adapts to the intangible asset concerned and its competitive environment.

In keeping with its values, the VIDON Group has gradually developed an efficient evaluation methodology, which it puts at your disposal and will adapt to suit your needs and projects. The evaluation will take place in two stages:

A preliminary diagnosis

The evaluation starts with the listing of all possible IP assets identified by the company.
Following this listing, an audit is conducted, making it possible to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the assets to be valued (qualitative audit, duration of the rights, geographical coverage, freedom to operate, etc.).

A financial valuation methodology

The Group puts forward simple and cross-referenced evaluation criteria derived from the parameters involved:

  • technical (“trade”) parameters
  • economic parameters (business plan; competition, etc.)
  • legal parameters (freedom to operate; dependence, etc.)

The Group’s methodology takes account of the complexities identified during the valuation of the asset, in order to identify the evaluation methods to be used (usually Costs Method / Market Method / Earnings Method).

PiValua complies with the recommendations of the tax authorities.

PiValua®: strong skills for the efficient financial valuation and enhancement of your Industrial Property, Intellectual Property and know-how, designed for you by the VIDON Group