Patents provide protection for technological innovations, including in IT and biotechnology. They grant their holder exclusive rights for a period of 20 years.

More than just a legal and economic tool, patents are an essential part of the development strategy of all innovative businesses. The ViDON Group accompanies its customers with this in mind and works with each of them to define the best strategy for protecting their inventions, taking into account their requirements and their expectations.

For over 25 years, multinationals as well as small businesses or public and private research centers have placed their trust in us to protect and manage their Industrial Property.

For this, the ViDON Group offers a range of services to help you and accompany you through all phases in the protection of your inventions, notably:

Defining a protection strategy for your invention :

Various factors come into play in defining a protection strategy. It should notably take into account the competitive environment and the geographical region where you (and your competitors) are planning to set up, produce and sell. It is important to adapt the construction and drafting of the patent application to your objectives and your needs, which should be defined with your consultant. The strategy for protecting your inventions should notably by thought out as a tool for preparing and supporting your business’s future.

Prior art search & patentability study :

Prior art searches are notably undertaken to better define the scope of the protection that can be claimed in relation to what is already known. They also provide an overview of the technological context and may orient Research and Development activities.

Freedom of exploitation & validity studies :

Before investing in the development of a technology or research project, it is important to understand what leeway you have in relation to competing patents and to verify that your projects do not run any risk of infringement. The ViDON Group provides you with its expertise to identify and analyze potentially dangerous industrial property titles. We can also formulate an opinion on the validity of a competing patent.

Drafting patent applications :

Our team of consultants works in all technical fields, notably in the fields of life sciences, electronics, mechanics, telecoms, information technologies, computer sciences, chemistry, water treatment, pharmacy, cosmetology, agri-food, human and animal health, etc.

Filing patent applications :

The ViDON Group enables you to protect your inventions worldwide by filing your patent applications in France and in Europe (EPO), as well as abroad through its network of over 250 correspondents around the world.

Maintaining patents and applications in force :

A patent has a lifetime of 20 years from its filing date, on condition that the taxes for maintaining it in force are regularly paid to the Offices (usually annually). The ViDON Group reminds you when these payments are due and handles renewal formalities for you.

Procedure for examining and issuing patents :

The ViDON Group monitors and provides advice on the procedures for examining and issuing patents before all courts, in cooperation with our international network of correspondents.

Defending your rights :

Defending your rights and your monopoly is an integral part of an effective intellectual property strategy. The ViDON Group studies and advises its customers on the reality of an infringement by a patent or a patent application and proposes various strategies accordingly. The ViDON Group’s consultants will let you take advantage of their experience in the field of objection procedures, pre-litigation and litigation procedures to help you defend your industrial property rights.

Developing and optimizing your IP rights :

Various options are possible for you to optimize or maximize your investment in a patent and to make it profitable. The ViDON Group can notably accompany you in your negotiations and the contractual formalization of your technology transfers as part of a scientific collaboration or a commercial relationship. Our experts can also provide you with advice for your concession or licensing procedures.

Strategic technology watch :

The VIDON Group also proposes to undertake regular monitoring of your competitive or technological environment. This information can be supplied in the form of a customized database with secured access for effective searches and specific annotations. These monitoring operations will enable you to keep up with your competitor’s activities or to keep a close eye on a specific technology. Monitoring is an integral part of an invention protection strategy. It is also a good tool for detecting any infringements of your IP rights.